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Learn More About Proton Therapy
Learn More About Proton Therapy

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Integrated Clinical Systems and Services

Efficient IGRT Workflow

With a workflow designed to be familiar to that of a linear accelerator – the Mevion system offers a streamlined clinical experience, including oncology user-friendly screens and linac-like controls to provide a clinical environment identical to treatment delivered by linear accelerators. This reduces learning time and speeds up clinical ramp-up.

In addition, Mevion integrates with all of the major software manufacturers in radiation therapy for treatment planning and oncology information systems (OIS) including Varian Medical Systems, ElektaRaysearch and Philips. The OIS system connectivity provides a familiar workflow and full patient treatment scheduling, data transfer, treatment, verification, and recording capabilities.

Diagnostic Image Quality

A transformative approach to image-guided patient positioning

Integral to the MEVION S250 Series, the Verity™ image-guided patient positioning system realizes the full potential of high-quality imaging necessary for precise adaptive proton therapy delivering efficient 2D/3D and 3D/3D image registration. By incorporating a diagnostic quality CT scanner inside the treatment room, along with state-of- the-art stereotactic registration and tracking technology, Verity increases treatment visibility, flexibility, predictability and adaptability to the level demanded by advanced proton therapy. The result is a truly adaptive patient positioning system that is as accurate and reliable as its name.

With great precision comes great adaptability

It is the high precision of the Bragg peak — the reason why proton therapy is regarded as an optimal means of delivering therapeutic radiation — that can present the greatest challenge to clinicians. Image quality and patient positioning accuracy are paramount when any anatomical changes can translate to treatment delivery outside of the prescribed treatment field. Verity is designed to mirror the workflow in conventional radiation therapy, allowing the therapist to move seamlessly and most importantly, confidently from patient setup, image acquisition, registration, patient positioning and verification to treatment.

The Mevion Verity image guidance and patient positioning technology has been radically transformed to meet the dynamic, three-dimensional demands of adaptive proton therapy, supporting higher resolution diagnostic images and more powerful localization tools to ensure the most precise treatment delivery.

Robotic Precision

The Mevion RoboCouch™ enables 6 degrees of freedom patient positioning. The couch integrates with proton specific couch tops with indexed immobilization. The couch rotation range is 270 degrees, which combines with the precise gantry rotation provides access to typical clinical angles. This unique design ensures accuracy, stability and optimal workflow. Couch motion is controlled and fully programmed to delivery smooth, highly precise patient positioning.